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Interview with Foghorn Lonesome about new song Neon Thighs

16117833_1194663167236152_985557362_nWhat made you sit down again with your pen and instruments and write another song? This song is a bit different from your previous tracks as far as the sound goes. What made you change (a bit) the musical direction in this one?

Originally, I wanted to start a side-project and write music that was different from Foghorn Lonesome. But after writing the song I realized that it wasn’t too different from my previous stuff. It may be a bit different in tone but it’s still a Foghorn Lonesome song. The previous release, Like a Storm, was very difficult and emotionally draining for several reasons. So I wanted the next song to be quick, simple and lighthearted. I think I’ve written enough songs about loss, loneliness and heartache. For a while at least.

What was the main inspiration for the song?

 It’s about having late-night munchies for some cherry pie.

Where did the title come from?

I don’t know really. I knew I wanted ”neon” in it.

When will you release a second album? Will you put Like a Storm and Neon Thighs on it or will they remain as stand-alones?

It’s much too early to think about a second album. But I don’t think those songs would be on it since a second album, if there ever is one, is most likely years away.

Can you tell us something more about the visual arts in this one?

There are two visuals for the song. One is similar to the Foghorn Lonesome logo and the other one is of a girl on a bed wearing a Foghorn Lonesome t-shirt. There was another version of that picture showing more of the girl but I decided in the last minute not to use it. As always, I want lots of color in the visuals. Using vivid neonesque colors was obvious.

Is there any other song, that you’ve hidden and is waiting to be released?

I have some songs that didn’t make it on to the album. Maybe one day I will revisit them.

Interview by The Eye Of Music (Agzy P & A.M.)