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Interview with  Sandra Stensen (Nekrodelirium)

What are your inspirations, if  it goes for writing lyrics?

I find a lot of inspiration in the nature. The band is a lot about the hate for what people do to the nature and the animals on this planet. The hate and disgust for the human race is a central topic in the lyrics. It is even quite emotional, I describe a lot of the pain and sorrow I feel about it all, and the frustration for not being able to do much about it. Some lyrics are about rituals, demonic possession, psychiatric illness, and death!

What’s the best mood to write music?

The mood for writing music depends a lot. I never decide to go sit down to write some music, but sometimes I get riffs, melodies or a whole song in my head and it can come whenever but mostly when I am very sad or just very emotional.

Any memories from the recording process of Apocalypse?Nekrodelirium_2_logo

It was a very stressful week. We got an offer for a headline tour in Russia on a very short notice and felt that we needed to record some songs to have something released before the tour. I was so sick and struggled with a terrible flu. Ola Lindgren (Grave) was our savior, he luckily had time just then to record us and even do the mix and master in his studio «Studio Soulless» but we had to work fast. We had one week. Erik and I recorded all the instruments and while Erik played, I was laying down on the floor sleeping because I was so sick. My voice is terrible on these recordings but it needed to be done, and we did. I am not completely satisfied with the recordings, but at least it was hard work and I am proud of what we did and that we made it in time, the three of us, together.

Stories, that hide behind such songs as: Necromentia and Distorted Device?

The song Necromentia was hard to arrange. All riffs were written, but it was a hard time to figure out the best way of the arrangement. We ended up with a very simple arrangement but it did actually turn out to be the best and the only way. The lyrics is actually inspired by the movie Necromentia and is therefore like a tribute to the movie because the movie is about exactly what I believes in and it describes very detailed what also this band is about in many ways.

Distorted Device is a hateful song, mainly about the anger and how we want this world to end; because of the humans. This was the first song Erik and I wrote together. Erik wrote all riffs in this song and asked if it could fit with my music. Writing lyrics to the song came so naturally to me.

558978The artwork for the Apocalypse was made by  Costin Chioreanu. How was it to work with him? Who came up with the idea of what should be on the cover?

The label Temple of Darkness, who distributed the MCD Apocalypse, worked with Costin already and wanted him to do the album cover. I knew Costins work from before, for example; he did the artwork for Grave’s latest albums, and I though as well he was the right person for the job. I wanted him to listen to the songs and the lyrics to understand what kind of artwork would be suitable. He even made the Nekrodelirium logo based on my rough sketches.


Is there any artist you would like to work with (if it goes for the artwork)?

I am happy with Costins work, I know there are many great artists out there, I think there are many who could create awesome artwork for Nekrodelirium, but they need to understand Nekrodelirium’s music and the meaning behind it.

You have two music videos: for Grief and for Necromentia. What are your memories from making those music videos?

We recorded the whole Grief video on front of green screen. Necromentia was recorded both in green screen studio, but also in Blekinge, the south of Sweden, at a haunted train station. This was very cool, we got lots of inspiration there, the place was a private house today but also like a museum. We got real human skulls, real straightjacket, torture weapons, hearse and lots more. The location and accessories was awesome for the recording of this music video and I really enjoyed working there.

I’ve read, that you shot the video for Necromentia  on a haunted train station. How did you find that localization and who came up with it?

This music video was produced by Studieforbundet Svenska vuxenskolan, The Tube, Kenneth Axx. He had a friend, Jimmy Häggblad, who actually owns this old train station, so the location was his idea. The band and Kenneth worked on the story for the video together.

When you are writing a song, do you already have a vision, of how the video should look like?

For some of the songs; I already have the idea for the whole music video in my head from the beginning. My ideas is often too expensive to actually do, and some of the ideas are too brutal for YouTube for public view. The Grief video is not what I had in mind at all, but since we ran a very low budget I think the idea of doing it simple this way was okei. The Necromentia video is more like what I had in mind. The story parts describes a lot what the song is all about, and to be a music video for a song as long as 7 minutes and a low budget, I think it turned out to be good.

How did it happen, that you will support Nargaroth on a few dates on the EU Tour?

We got an offer from the Flaming Arts Agency, they asked us if we wanted to support on this tour, and I thought this was a great opportunity for the band to be promoted in other countries. We will do 14 gigs on the tour in 9 different countries.

Is there any band you would like to go on tour with? Why?

I think it would be awesome to go on tour as a support band for any of the bands who has really been an inspiration for me in the writing of the Nekrodelirium songs. Taake, Gorgoroth, Naglfar, 1349, Koldbrann, to name a few.

You’ll play on Gefle  Metal Festival (in Gävle, Sweden). Are there any bands (playing on this festival), that are your inspirations/that you would like to watch?


What are your plans for future? Any unreleased materials?

We have unreleased songs. We do play few of this songs live already, but have not had budget for recording the album yet. The plan is to do this as soon as possible, or perhaps release more demo songs first.

Interview by The Eye of Music

Photos by Jens Rydén