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Nummirock 2017

Nummirock is metal festival  taking place annually in Nummijarvi since 1988. Since that time festival grow up and hosted such international band as Iron Maiden, Motörhead, The Ramones, Amon Amarth, Amaranthe and many many more. Let’s see how 2017 edition turns out!

Festival started on 21st of June on late evening. That day only one, smallest  stage was turn on.  I feel that first day is day for attendees who wanted to chill out with friends, meet new people and be sure that they won’t be late for their favorite bands, which playing early next day. What’s great, anyway, because nearest city, to which train run, Seinäjoki is approx. 80 km from Nummijärvi. Audience had opportunity to see 3 bands, maybe not well-known, especially for foreign people like me, but still great. In that evening played Shade Empire, Nighon and Kaunis Kuolematon.

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Next day began with powerful concert of Psychework on Inferno Stage, which is the closest one to Nummijärvi lake, so audience can see both great bands like and a beautiful view of lake. Psychework played such songs as Bullet with My Name, Reflection Unknown, Hand on Heart. Hour later on Kaaos stage appeared Finnish-Swedish hardcore/punk band Bob Malmström. Next in order were thrash metal HateSphere and melodic metal Vorna. At 8 p.m., on the stage appears the band for which I was most waiting for, Carach Angren. This black/horror metal band released new album call Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten only week before their gig on Nummirock. On setlist appear both songs from new album (Charlie, Blood Queen) and old, well-known for fans track from the previous albums (There’s No Place Like Home, Bitte Tötet Mich). I can say that for me this was the best performance on this festival.  Day end with another black metal band, Korgonthurus.

3rd day of festival started very early – at 1 p.m. with concert of My Favourite Nemesis, metal band formed in 2012 in Porvoo. Next one was also new band, Temple Balls playing hard rock music in very old school, 80s style. After Battle Beast on main stage audience had opportuinity to see Swallow The Sun, which played among others Rooms and Shadows, Psychopath’s Lair, These Woods Breathe Evil. After it, I went to see Huora on Kaaos Stage. I knew only few Huora’s songs by this time, but after the gig is the next Finnish band  that I absolutely love. A hour later, Suamenlejjona started play on the smallest stage. I can say that they should play on bigger one, because tent on which stage were located bursting at the seams! After Raised Fist’s concert, on Inferno stage appeared true black metal legend, Gaahl (Gorgoroth, God Seed), with his newest band formed in 2015,  Gaahls WYRD.

Saturday was day of mixed music style. Firstly, on main stage appeared classic humppa-players, Eläkeläiset, whom made all crowd dancing. To be honest, I don’t understand why everybody are so excited about humppa music, but  anyway it was fun. Then on Kaaos stage, played From The Void, whom stage appearance remained me a little bit of Behemoth. Then comes time for Korpiklaani, one of few Finnish band that had never disappoint me. After it, on main stage performed Epica, symphonic metal band from Netherlands. They played songs from last album The Holographic Principle (Beyond the Matrix, Edge of the Blade) and also well-known classic (Cry for the Moon,  Sancta Terra). Then audience had opportunity to see Rhapsody, Wintersun and Samurai-like melodic death metal band, Whispered. Last day of festival ended with Insomnium performance on main stage.

Nummirock have an amazing, Woodstock-like atmosphere. I felt that meeting new people and doing some crazy stuff on camping side was same important as music.  I love it, because without it every festival wouldn’t be so funny and interesting.

Nummirock is example of good organized festival with great line-up and even greater attendees and is for sure the best way for every metalhead to spend Midsummer.