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Punk is not dead (Kill City in Semifinal)

I guess all the Finnish (and not only, of course) music lovers know the name of The 69 Eyes – a gothic rock band from the beautiful country of Finland. The members are: Jyrki 69 (vocals), Bazie (lead guitar), Timo-Timo (rhythm guitar), Archie (bass) and Jussi 69 (drums). Probably every music fan also heard about Iggy Pop’s album from 1977, entitled Kill City. Why am I talking about those artists in the same paragraph? Well, it happened, that three members of The 69 Eyes – Bazie, Timo-Timo and Archie decided to join forces with Jasse (vocals, bands: Ihmispesuri and Hybrid Children)  and Saska (drums, band: Hybrid Children) and formed a group called Kill City. What kind of music do they play? Punk rock, mainly from years 1976-1982, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Ramones, The Clash included. Among many others, of course. On 10.03.2017 Kill City played in Helsinki in Semifinal.

[All photos © Aleksandra Majak // More photos]

Semifinal is actually a basement of the most famous club in Helsinki – Tavastia. It is a very small venue. People gathered – looking at some of them you could immediately tell, what kind of music they are listening too – their outfits and hairstyles said it all. Everybody were clearly very enthusiastic, about what was about to happen in a few minutes. And then the guys hit the stage. Even though I was born in 1996 and have never experienced the atmosphere of previous decades (which I sometimes regret – I get the filling I would fit in those previous generations much more than my own), I felt, like if I was taken back to the late 70’s. A real punk rock gig started. You could hear the songs of The Exploited (Dead Cities), Discharged (Protest and Survive), Sham 69 (If The Kids Are United), The Damned (Neat Neat Neat), Dead Kennedys (Too Drunk to Fuck), Sex Pistols (Did You No Wrong). These are of course just examples, of what we could hear – there was much more stuff that they played. That show was just pure energy. Jasse was running across the stage, doing ‘drum-stands’, letting people sing to the microphone, hugging them, throwing empty (or not) glasses behind him. All band members were taking drinks from the audience – solidarity of drinking from the same glass. Speaking of the drinks, there were unfortunately a lot of (actually the majority) very drunk people around, who were actually a bit dangerous – there was a danger of being trampled and mangled. But well, this is the punk vibe, so you just have to get used to it, if you want to attend that kind of gigs. But still, it was clear, that everybody had absolutely great time – both the audience and the band.

Summing the whole event up – that was the hell of the show. Every single member of Kill City was on fire. The guitars were screaming, bass was rumbling, drums thundered and the voice squized your mind. There was the non-stop interaction between the band and the audience, especially between Jasse and people. There were no barriers, no boundaries, everybody were together. Punk music is passion and so are punk rockers and their fans.

Agata Podbielkowska