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Then Comes Silence in Bar Loose

25th of February was a good day for Finnish fans of dark wave/gothic/post punk. Why? Because the Swedish band called Then Comes Silence, which plays that kind of music, visited Bar Loose in Helsinki to do a quite short (unfortunately) gig.


Then Comes Silence is a Swedish band formed in 2012 in Stockholm. They call their music gothic post punk. They have three albums out: Then Comes Silence (2012), II (2013) and NYCTOPHILIAN (2015). The members are: Alex Svenson – vocals, bass; Seth Kapadia – guitar; Jens Karnstedt – guitar; and Jonas Fransson – drums. If you like such bands as Pink Turns Blue, Joy Division, Bauhaus etc. I think this is something for you.

When I entered Bar Loose, I could immediately say, what kind of a concert it is going to be (I knew that before of course, but nevermind). Fans of that genre are usually very characteristic, with their mohawks or spiky hair dyed many different colours, and black, eccentric clothes (search for ‘goths’ or even ‘punks’ – you will get it). I felt, that I looked quite casual, with my black jeans, black shirt and leather jacket. Ok, who cares. Let’s get into music.

The band started with a song called Deepest Darkest, continued with Animals, Spinning Faster, She Loves The Night, Can’t Hide, Good Friday, Death Rides, She Lies in Wait and Strangers. Begged and encouraged by the people, they played Slowly Dragging You Down for the encore. Both the band and the crowd seemed to have a really good time. People were dancing and the ovations were very enthusiastic. Alex thanked for that kind of attitude several times. Speaking of Alex, he had a very interesting make-up – his face was pale, and the space around his eyes was painted black. It looked a bit spooky, but I guess that’s the wanted effect and I liked it. Both Seth and Jens are wonderful guitarists, Jonas is like a thunder when playing drums, and Alex has a quite deep, nice voice, which fits the kind of music they are playing perfectly. He is also a fine bass player.

The concert was quite short – the fact that saddened me a little beat, because it was really good. I enjoy that kind of music and these guys are very good representatives of that genre. If they ever visit your area, get your ass to see them.

Agata Podbielkowska